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A Little About Me

Hi! So I'm just not sure how to start this…. Or what exactly you would want to know about me. I suppose we will start with the basics. I guess we need to start with a little past, a little present, some dreams, and some reality. So here it goes….

I am a 40 something year old American hairstylist that has lived in Hoylake on the Wirral for the past 6 years. I have been a hairstylist since I was 15. It was always my dream job… and still is! Working with people to help them to become more confident through their hair in an ever changing and evolving environment is s rewarding. Always having something new to learn and new goals to work towards is amazing! My whole career in the States was focused on being the best hairstylist that I could be while working in the best salons around DC all while being a single mom. I was living my dream and loved every minute of it. I know what you're going to ask…. How did I end up in Hoylake??? To make a long story short… During a very slow time at work a coworker and I started playing this war game on our phones. The kind of game you play with others around the world and chat. So I met a guy there. We texted back and forth for a while… face timed…. Then a few years of visits back and forth…. Then an international move, a marriage, and some cultural adjustment time, and here we are! Thats my back story in a nutshell. Living in Hoylake has been amazing! The beach, the community, and the small town feel all so close to a great city! Things I didn’t even know I wanted I now, couldn’t live without! Ive been working in a salon in West Kirby. A bit of a departure from the fancy, swanky salons I was used to in the States, but I have really enjoyed the change! It's reinforced that feeling of community that I never knew what I was missing before. Working in a small local salon, close to home, where co workers are more like family is now my ideal. So if everything is so perfect why change things so much? Even though the community feeling is all over the Wirral, I wanted to be more involved in Hoylake’s community. I could have just taken my chances and moved to a salon in Hoylake….. But something else was missing. One thing I miss about American salons is the guest service. My dream is creating an American style, guest service oriented salon, with a focus on cruelty free and eco friendly products and practices in the heart of Hoylake, that is involved in the community that I love so much. It will take time to make these dreams come all the way true. Ive done the product research, found a location, and have a clear vision on everything I want our new salon to be. Of course, some bits of my guest service vision can only be realised with the right amount of staff. Thats the part that can’t happen right away. Thats okay! It gives us things to strive for in the future. In the spirit of community and guest service, I would love to hear from everybody! Things you love that we are doing, thing you wish we were doing, bog topics you would like to see, or anything else you can think of. My plan for this blog is of course to be full of all the hair stuff you want to hear about, but also about anything that’s happening in Holyoke, and maybe some environmental stuff as well.

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